8 12, 2011

After Effects Tip – How to loop a precomp

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One of the questions I’m asked the most is ‘why don’t I have insert CC effect name here in my copy of After Effects?’ To which the short answers are […]

5 12, 2011

After Effects Tip – Lens Blur cheat

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If you’ve ever used the Lens Blur effect in AE, you’ll know that it’s an unwieldy beast at the best of times, and tends to be one of those things […]

5 12, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – Tarmac Titles

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I know – I was supposed to be doing a kinetic typography tutorial next, but I have the attention span of a goldfish.
This was one of those ‘I wonder if…’ […]

24 11, 2011

Kinetic Typography – Happy Birthday Lisa!

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Basically, my boss asked me to create a quick birthday message for a colleague with the following brief "I want her to think that we're going to tell everyone her age". (Yes - HE is the little bird mentioned in the video.)
10 11, 2011

Perfect webcam lighting – the RotoLight RL-48

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About my biggest beef with webcams is that they've never addressed their biggest shortfall - and that's lighting. Because you're sitting at your computer, it's highly likely that the main light source is going to be the eerie blue light cast onto your face by your monitor.
16 03, 2011

After Effects Tip – Missing animation presets

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I’ve had a couple of people ask me why they don’t seem to have any of the animation presets that I often used in my tutorials. At first, I thought […]

3 03, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – ‘De-rezzing’ your video

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In this series, I’ll show you several techniques that you can use to give your projects that tech grunge look. From field separation and interlacing, through to ghosting, signal breakup […]

14 02, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – Quick HUD Element

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I had a couple of people ask me how I created the spinning heads-up display element in this video, so I thought I’d take a quick break from the ‘De-rezzing […]

8 02, 2011

Chromakey Demo

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Chroma-keying (often called blue-screen or green-screen) allows you to replace a coloured background with whatever you like. It’s a technique I often employ to overcome the limitations of office-based shooting […]

16 12, 2010

After Effects Tutorial – Christmas Greetings 2010

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Here's a simple tutorial showing you how to create a festive-themed Christmas message in After Effects (no plug-ins required).