24 12, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – Satellite Tracking Display

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I recently received a request from a viewer asking me if I could replicate the kind of satellite tracking display found in the Modern Warfare series of games. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

Using […]

8 12, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – Christmas Greetings 2011

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So this year’s free festive-themed After Effects tutorial is a little different from last year’s, but still needs no plug-ins (so you can save your money and spend it on […]

5 12, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – Tarmac Titles

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I know – I was supposed to be doing a kinetic typography tutorial next, but I have the attention span of a goldfish.
This was one of those ‘I wonder if…’ […]

3 03, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – ‘De-rezzing’ your video

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In this series, I’ll show you several techniques that you can use to give your projects that tech grunge look. From field separation and interlacing, through to ghosting, signal breakup […]

14 02, 2011

After Effects Tutorial – Quick HUD Element

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I had a couple of people ask me how I created the spinning heads-up display element in this video, so I thought I’d take a quick break from the ‘De-rezzing […]

16 12, 2010

After Effects Tutorial – Christmas Greetings 2010

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Here's a simple tutorial showing you how to create a festive-themed Christmas message in After Effects (no plug-ins required).
9 12, 2010

After Effects Tutorial – Laser-etched metal title

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Here's a new two-part tute on how to create a laser effect that burns your text into a sheet of metal using After Effects. No plug-ins required.
18 11, 2010

After Effects Tutorial – Torn cardboard letters

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In my last tutorial, I showed you how to create a simple torn cardboard texture. In this follow-up, I take it a step further, using track mattes to create a funky, text effect.
17 11, 2010

After Effects Tutorial – Torn cardboard texture

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Here's a quick and easy method for creating a really useful torn corrugated cardboard texture using only the standard tools in After Effects (CS3, CS4 or CS5).