Really sorry that it’s taking so long for me to complete part two of the Bleed Out tutorial. I took a break from everything to head out to New York City for the first time. It’s a crazy, crazy place, but I had a great time.

Here are some of the better photos that I took while I was there. Hope you like them!

For those who might be interested, they were all shot with a Sony NEX3. For a few of them, I used my Metabones EF-E-mount converter to bolt on a Sigma 12-24mm lens, but in the main, I used the 16-50mm kit lens that came with the camera. The panoramas were a little more complicated. The ones that look curved were shot using the camera’s built-in panorama feature, with two horizontal panos stitched together to provide a wider view on the vertical. The straightened shot was a collection of nine images, geometrically corrected in Photoshop and then stitched using Photoshop’s own pano-stitching tool (plus a little tweaking of tone and colour).