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What is CargoWise One?


A short, motion-graphics explainer video covering the key aspects of this single-platform logistics execution system from WiseTech Global. Currently used as a primary first-touch marketing video on the WiseTech Global website, as well as during face-to-face video meetings using the BlueJeans conferencing platform.

No Logistics Service Provider Works Alone


A short marketing video for WiseTech Global highlighting the importance of connectivity between logistics operators – wherever they are in the supply chain.

CargoWise One and You


A short marketing promotion video that’s used at events, presentations and on the WiseTech Global website.

Cloud Technology is a Game Changer


A short marketing video for WiseTech Global outlining some of the advantages of using cloud-based technology in your logistics enterprise.

Warehouse 101 – What’s the difference between 1PL, 3PL & 4PL?


This ‘explainer’ video is the first in a series outlining some of the common misunderstandings held by companies that operate in the warehousing industry. Again, the marketing message is not given the focus. The purpose is to attract interested parties by giving them useful, unbiased information.

But it doesn’t hurt to give the product a little […]