1 06, 2014

After Effects Tutorial – Bleed Out

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Every time I use the CC Burn Film effect, I’m reminded of blood stains, which probably says something pretty weird about my state of mind, as well as giving me […]

4 05, 2014

After Effects Tutorial – REDACTED

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With Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs coming out later this month, I thought I’d put together a tutorial showing you how to create a short intro ident that’s inspired by the game’s […]

21 04, 2014

After Effects Tutorial – Plugin-Free Fire / Flame Effect

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When we think about fire or flame effects, most of us probably head straight for royalty-free footage or a particle system like Trapcode’s hugely successful Particular plug-in, and while there’s […]

5 04, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – Underwater title (Deep Water)

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Similar to a tutorial I produced a while ago, this effect uses the standard toolkit in After Effects CS3 or later to create a sinister, mysterious title sequence that would […]

2 04, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – Automating Outline Effects

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A while back, I produced an After Effects tutorial showing how to create a Laser Etched Metal effect, which has become one of my most popular tutorials to date.
If you’ve […]

28 03, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – Diablo III intro logo

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With Diablo III’s release (finally!) just around the corner, I thought I’d throw together a tutorial series showing you how you can create a Diablo III-style intro logo that would […]

29 02, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – Progress Bar Percentage

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After uploading the Simple Loading Screen tutorial, a viewer asked me if it was possible to create a display based on the percentage of elapsed time. The answer is yes, […]

29 02, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – MP3 Player Display

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So here’s the tutorial that goes with this project file. Here, I’ll show you how you can easily create a slightly retro-looking MP3 Player LCD display, complete with scrolling text, […]

5 02, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – Simple Loading Screen

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Here’s how to use the standard toolkit in After Effects to create a very simple loading screen. It uses a simple combination of layer effects to create a glassy-looking progress […]

22 01, 2012

After Effects Tutorial – Aero Compass

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Here’s how to use the standard toolkit in After Effects to create a fairly realistic flight instrument. Easy to customise and keyframe for your own needs. You can also download […]